Amedia's PrintZine Bibliography

        Amedia's PrintZine Bibliography

        Here is a listing of the slash fanfic that I have written for print fanzines. Stories are listed in more-or-less chronological order, from earliest to most recent.

        Some of these stories were published under other pseudonyms; it took me a while to settle on this one. "Amedia," by the way, is short for "a media slut," a nickname I acquired at REVELcon one year because of my enthusiastic participation in a panel of the same name.

        Blakes 7

        • Everybody Gets it in the End, Southern Comfort 5.5, 1990
          The title pretty much explains the entire plot. Blake/Avon, Vila/Gan, Jenna/Cally, Orac/Zen.

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        The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

        • The Aphrodisiac Affair, Rose Tint My World 3, March 1991
          Paulle, the wonderful editor who coaxed me into full-fledged slashdom, encouraged me to write for her MFU slash zine, Rose Tint. One of her submission guidelines was that Napoleon and Illya really shouldn't be having sex while they were working; while I found the rule quite sensible, I nevertheless set out to write an acceptable story in which they did.

        • The Sultan of Swing Affair, Rose Tint My World 5, May 1994
          Napoleon and Illya have sex on the job again, but once again, they do so in order to fulfill their mission.

        • Greek Fire, Karmic Concurrence 2, May 1994
          An AU story set during pre-Arthurian times.

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        Rat Patrol

        • The Conduct Unbecoming Raid, Flanking Maneuvers 1, March 1997
          Troy/Moffitt, standalone. Troy learns the real reason why the British Army was so eager to get rid of Moffitt.

        • Raids End in Lovers' Meetings, Flanking Maneuvers 1, March 1997
          Moffitt/Dietrich, beginning of a series. Moffitt is startled to recognize the German exchange student with whom he had an affair when they were both undergraduates.

        • The Truth Will Out Raid, Flanking Maneuvers 1, March 1997
          Moffitt/Dietrich, sequel to Raids End in Lovers' Meetings. A sensitive joint mission brings past issues to the fore.

        • Raids Begin with Lovers' Partings, Flanking Maneuvers 1, March 1997
          Moffitt/Dietrich, sequel to The Truth Will Out Raid. On leave in the same neutral town, Moffitt and Dietrich find themselves drawn back together.

        • The War Without Hate Raid, Flanking Maneuvers 2, March 1998
          Moffitt/Dietrich, takes place between Raids End and Truth Will Out. The Rat Patrol run into Dietrich just after the death of Moffitt's brother.

        • Guests of the Sheik, Diverse Doings 2, May 1998
          Troy/Moffitt (not related to Conduct Unbecoming). Troy and Moffitt visit an influential desert clan to deal with the repercussions of Abu Hassan's death (from the aired episode "The Moment of Truce Raid").

        • Grappling with Issues, Diverse Doings 4, May 1999
          Troy/Moffitt, sequel to Guests of the Sheik. Moffitt and Troy quarrel over whether their sexual involvement is affecting Troy's leadership.

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        Adam 12

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        Barney Miller

        • Nocturne, Awakenings 7, May 2001
          2002 Fan Q Honorable Mention
          In which we learn why Dietrich didn't want Harris to move out, and why Harris was so angry when Dietrich saved his life.
          "Suppose I didn't keep you at arm's length," said Dietrich. "Then what might happen?"

          Harris put both hands on Dietrich's shoulders. "Nothing would happen. Especially not this," he whispered, leaning ever-so-slightly forward.

        • On and Off, Southern Hospitality, August 2001
          In which Harris and Dietrich, who are not getting along, have to go undercover in a gay bar.
          "Why did we ever--" Harris caught himself and started over. "Why aren't we... Arthur, why are we 'off' and not 'on'?"

          Dietrich knew what that stumbling sincerity had cost Harris, and chose to respect it with an honest guess. "Because we can't stand each other?"
        • In Flamingo Delicto, ZebraCon 2001 Program Book; reprinted by permission in Diverse Doings 9, May 2002
          Winner of the ZebraCon 2001 Story Contest
          Harris and Dietrich take their time counting flamingoes in the evidence room. "Counting flamingoes?" Yemana asks. "Oh, is that what the kids are calling it these days?"

        • Stress Relief, Diverse Doings 9, May 2002
          A missing scene from the episode "Stress Analyzer." Harris expresses his relief that Dietrich isn't dead.

        • Once and Future, Diverse Doings 9, May 2002
          2003 Fan Q Award Winner
          • Part I: Together
            Harris and Dietrich express their true feelings for each other:
            "You are the most self-centered, narcissistic, and irritating individual that it has ever been my displeasure to encounter."

            "Then why the hell do you put up with me?" Harris demanded.

            "Because I love you, you selfish jerk!"

          • Part Two, Together Again
            Harris and Dietrich host a party celebrating Wojo's promotion, and invite an old friend.

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